Virtual Office

Virtual Office makes applications available to you which serve to provide you with support in all areas of receipts’ and records’ management, from acquisition right through to payment approval. As our client, you can make use of our Virtual Office service as and when you need to. We have immediate access for posting purposes to all of your receipts’ and records’ details, wages and salary data and your digital documents. We receive the relevant paperwork as scans, and it goes without saying that safe connections are guaranteed. You keep the original documents in your office. This system enables you to review the evaluations of current status on an ongoing basis.  

You will receive an up-to-date overview of your invoicing data in the purchase invoice / accounts receivable ledger. This will enable you to keep track of outstanding and settled accounts. Automatic generation of payment instructions based on the invoice data gathered eliminates the need for duplication of data-acquisition procedure, thereby creating an overall lean and fluent process all the way through to bank-transfer stage.

Naturally enough, we provide a variety of alternatives for dealing with the issue of transmission. This reduces your banking fees.

The payroll section provides for a facility which enables you to compile the most important personnel master and transaction data with the assistance of self-explanatory and clearly-arranged input masks. We will look after your financial and payroll accounting based on the data that you make available to us.

We will then provide you online with the following evaluations for your financial accounting:

  • Evaluation of outstanding items
  • Overview of cost centres
  • Lists of current totals and account balances
  • Turnover tax advance return
  • Various management analyses

In the area of payroll accounting, you will be receiving the following:

The evaluation-types specified above are to be looked upon as examples only and are, by no means, complete. In consultation with yourselves, we are in a position to provide you with evaluations that are tailor-made to meet your company’s specific requirement.

The benefits for you are perfectly obvious. You …

  • will always be receiving up-to-the-minute figures
  • will, therefore, always have substantiated information at your fingertips with which to reliably steer your company in the right direction
  • will cut down the time required to conduct book-keeping procedures
  • will save yourself the bother of sorting out the paperwork and will simply scan them on receipt
  • will be receiving electronically-generated records, which will cut out time-consuming searches later on
  • will be cutting down on the space required to store your records.

Should you be interested in our Virtual Office service, simply mail us your enquiry.

Should you request a personal consultation, this, of course, will be no problem whatsoever