Classical tax consultancy

Classical tax consultancy covers those areas of activity that are of relevance from the point of view of your meeting your obligations under commercial and taxation law. By this we mean your duties in relation to financial and wage accounting and the preparation of an annual financial statement. You are assured of the same standard of quality here as you are from the point of view of the advisory service which we offer. And the state-of-the-art technology which accompanies our work is your guarantee of a level of expense which you will find comfortably manageable.

Financial accounting

In addition to basic financial accounting, the objective of which is to produce a turnover tax advance return, thereby satisfying your declaration requirements under taxation law, our financial-accounting service can also be extended to include aspects of work related to this area. Depending on your specific requirements, we can also look after controlling procedure, prepare a monthly controlling report for you, process your payments and deal with debt-recovery procedure on your behalf. Should you so wish, we can file your invoices and receipts as well as your correspondence and “affix” the documents generated to the corresponding accounting record.

Payroll accounting

You are inundated day-in, day-out with regulations regarding payroll accounting. This creates a situation for you almost every day whereby dealing with matters becomes increasingly difficult to the extent that they become unfathomable. Into the bargain, you are confronted more and more with issues that require the involvement of specialists in industrial law, and last but not least, you get landed years later with audits of your tax and social insurance declarations, after which you are forced to conclude that things could have been managed differently back then after all. The fact of the matter is that the monster which we call paperwork can only be controlled electronically. We can make a highly-qualified team available to you equipped with professional techniques and know-how that is the net result of handling hundreds upon hundreds of cases just like yours.

Our approach to dealing with you payroll-accounting and payment-transaction needs is just as professional as the manner in which we sort out the disputes you are encountering in connection with your taxation and social insurance issues. We shall be only too pleased to quote you for our services. You’ll be surprised at how keen our rates are.

Annual Financial Statement

Neben der Erstellung Ihres Jahresabschlusses für Zwecke der Finanzbehörden oder als Reporting bei Banken oder Gesellschaftern, begleiten wir Sie auch im Rahmen einer Wirtschaftsprüfung und halten Sie damit frei von jährlich wiederkehrenden Fragen. Durch uns erstellte Jahresabschlüsse genügen den Ansprüchen von Wirtschaftsprüfern, Banken und Gläubigern und - natürlich steueroptimiert - auch dem Fiskus.

Dies beweisen zahlreiche Betriebsprüfungen, die wir für unsere Mandanten professionell und zufrieden stellend abgeschlossen haben. Selbstverständlich gehört zur Jahresabschlusserstellung auch das Erstellen der entsprechenden Steuererklärungen. In der Regel sind dies die Körperschafts-, Umsatz- und Gewerbesteuererklärung.