Our association with Emmerich goes back a long way

The accountancy firm of FÖLTING & LOMMEN as it exists today has been closely associated with the town of Emmerich for decades now. The accountant Mr. Giltjes was in professional practice in this beautiful town on the River Rhine as far back as before the Second World War.  He remained in business, catering for the day-in, day-out needs of his clients, right through until old age. Mr. Wallmeyer took over the firm in 1963. One of the persons who gave their name to the present firm of  FÖLTING LOMMEN – Mr. Fölting – joined the business in 1982. Mr. Lommen followed in 1996.

Our offices have always been located in Bahnhofsstraße. The street underwent radical upgrading, a programme to which we owe the generously laid-out and spacious premises which we occupy today at No. 30. Given our close proximity to the border, it is not surprising that the accountancy firm of FÖLTING LOMMEN also make their diversified and extensive expertise available to Dutch clients as necessary. 

In order to ensure that our advisory service in the areas of taxation and management is to a very high standard, we cooperate with carefully-selected lawyers, who are all specialists in their respective fields. This is your guarantee of a second-to-none service, whatever your legal issue. In addition, we implement a policy of engaging the services of lawyers who are familiar with both the Dutch and the German legal systems. They are also in a position to successfully represent Dutch firms before the German courts.