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With its 20 employees, our company is just the right size to guarantee our clients a high degree of efficiency as well as personalized and individual support.

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Our three tax consultants and specialist team draw on decades of experience and offer our clients ISO-certified competence.

ISO-certified competence


Both German and overseas firms wanting to expand their businesses will benefit from the wealth of experience offered by our specialist consultants for international tax law and from our international reporting system.

International Business


Having been based in Emmerich for decades, LOMMEN has very close ties to the Lower Rhine area and, besides large and middle-sized firms, also counts doctors, bakeries and freelancers amongst its clients.

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The questions and decisions with which enterprises and private individuals increasingly find themselves confronted are becoming more and more complex. The significance of international correlations and structures is also growing. This requires a target and future-oriented approach. It is therefore important to tackle commercial and taxation law as well as economic questions from a holistic perspective. In doing so, achieving the best possible result for our client has top priority.   

In order to successfully provide an advisory and support service which meets the standards upon which we insist, we employ highly qualified and dedicated employees and partners as client satisfaction has top priority with us.  

Our clients are our success. The diversity of the extensive portfolio of regular clients whom we serve is matched only by that of the range of consultancy services which we offer. Our client base is made up of small, medium and large business enterprises as well as freelancers from a variety of industries and sectors, some of whom also operate on an international scale. In order to effectively implement the interests of our clients, we pursue a relationship with the fiscal authorities that is both exceptionally rewarding and constructive, and our clients benefit from that policy in abundance. 

It goes with saying, that there is nothing better than one-to-one discussion. However, you can also make use of our expert knowledge outside our office hours and in the comfort of your own surroundings. It is for precisely this purpose that we have made our “virtual office“ available to you. Simply click on the box “Client Login“ and profit from all of the contents. If you are not a client of ours, you can avail yourself of our no-strings-attached offer of trial access. This service is likewise accessible using the entry mask “Client Login”