Physicians optimisation potential in taxation terms

Today’s physicians are confronted with an economic reality that would have been nothing short of unthinkable 15 or 20 years ago. The days of physicians earning princely sums by simply providing patients with a medical-care service are long gone, and they won’t be coming back. What is called for today is entrepreneurial thinking and an approach to providing the service in which they are specialised in a manner which reflects that thinking. Even medical practices have been known to fail - and insolvencies in this particular sector are no longer the exception either.

We will provide you with analyses of your business-management model that are geared towards identifying and implementing measures that will help you cut costs and which will be accompanied by an in-depth examination of practice-internal procedures and routines with a view to determining what approach is to be taken to enhance efficiencies on the ground. We will assist you in setting up a joint practice, a group practice or even a medical treatment centre. And this package does not end with our merely providing you with a financial-advisory service. We have a lot more to offer, such as assistance in determining the value of a practice, the drafting of contracts (together with our lawyers) right through to accompanying you in the day-to-day administrative management of your practice.