International reporting

In the process of looking after international enterprises, we frequently discover that there is no uniform system of reporting, and one that is independent of legal form, in place within the company group. This at best generates misinterpretations, and at worst, there will be wrong decisions taken, decisions that will have far-reaching consequences. Our system of reporting places our clients in a position to standardise theirs within a trans-national group and to structure it along lines that are independent of specific legal form and country. The country-specific standards at the registered office of the parent company are then taken into account in the evaluation procedure.

At this point in time, the evaluations are available in the Italian, Spanish, Polish and English. The language of evaluation is independent of the user language. This means, for example, that you can perform the collection of data in German and issue that data in Polish.

There are plans for Dutch in the foreseeable future.

Example: an English and a French affiliate can report to their Spanish parent company in Spanish with the help of our system, i.e. independent of the user language.