Financial consulting

A core and indispensable component of any full-service consulting package offered by specialists in the areas of management and tax consulting is an in-depth knowledge of financial markets both at regional and national level. Our financial consulting service offers precisely this ingredient, and the benefits to be reaped on the part of our clients are considerable. We screen your business and analyse its overall financial structure. We go on to pinpoint the partner or partners best suited to accommodate your financing needs and we accompany you throughout negotiations with them. We prepare you for those negotiations by drawing up a rating report based on Basel II guidelines that is tailored specifically to your house bank’s requirements and upon which we base the strategy that serves a a basis for the negotiation process.

To round off our offer, we can also enable our clients to share in the benefits of a cooperation programme that we have in place with Baumann SME Consulting. Mr Baumann himself was Business Client Advisor with a locally-based savings bank for many years, and he knows exactly what ‘makes banks tick’ when it comes to decision-taking exercises.