Buying selling a business

With our focus firmly fixed on the size of the business in question, you, the client, whether you are acquiring or selling, will benefit from a holistically-structured service package with taxation and legal advisory coming from one and the same source. You will, likewise, have the support of a management consultant with many years of experience in prominent positions in the banking industry.  

Selling a business 

Unlike the way things work in the English-speaking world, the sale of a business in Germany is not exactly an everyday event. Hence, it is all the more imperative that the approach adopted should be a systematic one, irrespective as to whether the business that we are looking at is a medical practice, a trading enterprise or a manufacturer of goods. The transaction must be overseen in all of its stages by top-level advisors, from valuation of the object of sale, through selection of suitable purchasers and the conduct and coordination of sales negotiations with them through to structuring the contract of sale itself.           

We will prepare a selling concept which will be based on the value of the business as arrived at in accordance with the professional principles of certified public accountants. This concept will also focus on the financing requirements of a potential purchaser. This concept is made available to professional associations and to business brokers.  

It is our goal to achieve a fair price for you. At the same time, when seeking to arrive at a price, we take purchaser’s ability to finance the project into account as well. And last but not least, we focus our attention on the business’s ability to preserve jobs, for after all, the employees have played an central role in achieving the business’s success.   

Acquiring a business 

More often than not, the acquisition of a business is fuelled by strategic considerations. Having said that, however, the reason behind a move of these dimensions is quite often the urge to start up in business on one’s own. And acquiring a business is the first step towards achieving this goal. You need the best possible advice to ensure that you get it right from the start. You need us! We will steer you in the direction of the information that really counts when it’s time to identify the real value of a business you may be interested in acquiring, and we will also conduct a due diligence investigation, which will serve to safeguard your investment. Should you so wish, we can also have a management consultant specialised in the area of finance accompany you through the project-funding phase.  

And last but not least, we will verify the value of the business you are interested in and accompany you through the contractual negotiations. Our objective here is to ensure that your enterprise, and ultimately your livelihood, get placed on a sound and sustainable footing from the outset